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Pro Therapy Supplies, located in the metro Atlanta, GA area, is an authorized dealer for Thera-Band exercise bands and accessories.The gap between the multiplier and the tolerance specifies the left and right side of the resistor.

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Rubberbanditz is a quadruple bottom line (people, planet, profit, power) resistance band innovation company based in Los Angeles.Yellow is the most common color for bands that provide very light resistance, although some brands use tan or green for this resistance level.The color of the band determines the power of 10 you need to multiply the first two resistor digits by.They can be used to build on any strength conditioning workout.So, for example, if a resistor has brown and red as the first two bands, the most significant digits will.Levels range in order of strength from least to greatest resistance: tan, yellow, red, green, blue, black, silver, gold.

This is another set of resistance bands which uses loops for gripping.Color-coding is standardized by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA).Many brands use color coding systems to indicate band resistance levels, making it easier to choose the right band during a workout.Black is 0, brown is 1, red is 2 and so on (see the color code table on picture above).

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Resistance Resistor Color Code Band 1 Band 2 Band 3.22 ohm R22 Red Red Silver.27 ohm R27 Red Purple Silver.33 ohm R33 Orange Orange Silver.39 ohm R39 Orange White Silver.

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Order online or call 1.800.883.0368.A set of ten colors are used to represent the value of resistance.Available in 8 levels of resistance for progressive exercise.

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They come in all the rainbow colors, and the common and neutral ones like black, white, and grey.Look at the resistance bands colors shop with durable and practical products from DHgate NZ site.The 4 band Resistor color code calculator is used to calculate the resistance of 4 band color coded resistors.We provide an organised platform to help you find the silicone resistance bands online.

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A resistance band is an elastic rubber band or tube of different levels of elastic strength, or resistance commonly used in physical therapy or strength training exercises for convalescence of muscular injuries or to build up a specific muscle mass.

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A carbon resistor has four bands A, B, C and D of different colours.These bands provide very little tension, equal to only a few pounds of weight.