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With the Soft Spray Bidet, you may wish to wipe with only a small amount of toilet paper or dedicated towel, to pat yourself dry after using it.Yes, toilet water sprays when you flush, and yes, that water.

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Every time you flush with an open lid, bacteria spray into the air around your toilet.The Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go On-The-Go 3-Pack Toilet Spray is specially designed to trap unpleasant odors beneath the surface of the water.Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray Set, 3 Piece Bathroom. - Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray Set, 3 Piece Bathroom Deodorizer Includes 2-Ounce Original Scent In Gold Ornament Box, 4 -Ounce Original Scent,.What makes Poo-Pourri spray different from standard air fresheners is that you spray it directly into the toilet bowl before you go, rather than spraying it into the surrounding air after the fact.

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Poo Pourri is a very popular scented toilet spray, marketed as a Before-You-Go spray, consisting of natural essential oils that traps odor at the surface of the water.

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No more embarrassment or worry if someone smells you, or just HAS to use the stall you just exited.

Spray this homemade copycat poo pourri recipe in the toilet before you go and no one will ever know.

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Add 2-3 squirts of spray to the toilet before you go and voila.The all-natural blend of essential oils creates a barrier that prevents embarrassing odors from ever escaping the throne.Using one drop before you go creates a deodorizing layer that will leave the toilet smelling nice.

Once the BM passes through the surface of the water, the oil barrier closes and traps all the nasty odors below.Think of of like a force field and your poop id the Death Star.

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Spray on remaining water in toilet bowl before you go, then poop with confidence.

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